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We carry everything the backyard bird enthusiast needs to keep a wide variety of birds coming to their yard.  We are well informed on the birds and all wildlife that surrounds us here in Los Angeles, and would love to help you with all aspects of your wildlife adventures!

Hummingbird Fountain

Allen's and Anna's Hummingbirds

This fountain has the unique distinction of being a water source that hummingbirds love to bathe in.  Over time, we have tweaked many aspects of this bath to suit hummingbirds' wants and needs.   Hummingbirds are very particular about the depth of water, the amount of water movement and the surface of which they’re standing on. The surface area also needs be at least a certain size to get multiple hummingbirds to bathe in it. We believe we have the perfect combination hummingbirds are looking for. And it is not just hummingbirds that use it – we have documented 29 species in the bath to date!

The fountain itself is made out of material light enough that almost anybody can easily service the catch basin underneath. This basin is normally buried in the ground and also acts as the reservoir for recirculating water.

Townsend’s Warbler having a good soak.

Up to this this point we have made these fountains for our customers on an individual custom order basis.   Because of the popularity of “Hummingbird Pool Party Number Five”, we have received an overwhelming amount of requests from people wanting to purchase this fountain. Please let us know if you would like to be put on a waitlist, and we will give you more information on the cost and timing of delivery for this bird-friendly fountain.  


Happy Spring!
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Hermit Thrush enjoying a late afternoon drink.