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4337 Woodman Ave


We carry everything the backyard bird enthusiast needs to keep a wide variety of birds coming to their yard.  We are well informed on the birds and all wildlife that surrounds us here in Los Angeles, and would love to help you with all aspects of your wildlife adventures!

The Wild Wings Box

Wild Wings Barn Owl Box

In both time and money, Barn Owl nesting boxes are a very economical way to control rodents when compared to poisons and other abatement methods. And because Barn Owls are faithful to their nest sites, they establish rodent controlling populations that require very little human interaction.

For our Wild Wings Backyard Nature Barn Owl Boxes, we use only the highest quality ¾” ABX exterior plywood with all joints securely glued and screwed. A 5° sloped roof allows for water runoff, and the large side-hinged door provides easy access for clean-out and inspection. After our boxes are assembled, all exposed edges are sanded smooth to ensure there is nothing for birds to snag themselves on. Unlike inferior boxes being sold online and elsewhere, these quality boxes will last many years with little care.

Owl security has to be considered when deciding to add habitat for them.  Our Wild Wings Barn Owl Box is patterned after a proven predator-resistant design. From the entrance hole shape and size, to the duel interior compartments, no other box on the market gives Barn Owls a safe haven like our design.  These boxes even have owlet safety in mind.  Young birds cannot fall or get accidently pushed out of our box by rambunctious siblings!