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4337 Woodman Ave


We carry everything the backyard bird enthusiast needs to keep a wide variety of birds coming to their yard.  We are well informed on the birds and all wildlife that surrounds us here in Los Angeles, and would love to help you with all aspects of your wildlife adventures!

Personal services

Yard Evaluation

A yard evaluation for the placement of bird feeders, houses and baths can pay enormous dividends.  Our birdlife has evolved to exploit various niches in the environment, and knowing insights into these behaviors can help in attracting new species to your yard.  Where you live, your landscaping and surrounding habitat will dictate what avifauna is available to you.  Get educated advice on what kind of feeders, houses and baths make sense for your unique circumstances.

Backyard Bird ID Workshop

Do you need help getting familiar with the species of birds visiting your backyard?  We are available for private home “workshops”, teaching the best approach to identifying your backyard wildlife.  With a little direction, differentiating between a sparrow and a finch or a Black-headed Grosbeak and a Spotted Towhee becomes possible.  And once tuned in, you will be astonished at how much diversity exists in your own yard!

Personal Guided Walks

Private bird walks and nature walks are a wonderful way to have an intimate experience with the natural world that surrounds us.  Whether it’s an outing to a local refuge, a hike in our local mountains or a nocturnal owling adventure, there is no better way to experience nature than to be guided by a local expert.  Two-hour excursions are typical, but these expeditions can be tailored to anyone’s needs. 

Private Group Walks

Guided walks are available for organized groups, schools and private parties.  These walks can be customized for specific needs and interests.  Looking to fulfill tasks needed for a scout merit badge or cover birdlife for school curriculum?  A professionally guided walk is not only educational, but also fun and enlightening.


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