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We carry everything the backyard bird enthusiast needs to keep a wide variety of birds coming to their yard.  We are well informed on the birds and all wildlife that surrounds us here in Los Angeles, and would love to help you with all aspects of your wildlife adventures!

Barn Owl Boxes

Barn Owls - Organic Rodent Control

As we all strive to find environmentally safe solutions for rodent control, many neighborhoods have the answer waiting to occupy their own backyards – owls.  Of the three owl species that can be found year-round in so many of our Los Angeles neighborhoods, Barn Owls have the real ability to help manage rodent populations.  Luckily for us, they can be enticed in to our yards when supplied with suitable housing.

Barn Owls occupy a vast range of habitats from rural to urban.  This cosmopolitan owl (which is found all over the world) has lived and raised young comfortably around human activity for centuries.  Being cavity nesters and roosters, they are reliant on some kind of hollow.  The lack of availability of appropriate nesting cavities often limits use of suitable foraging habitat.  By offering a cavity in the form of a Barn Owl Box, you give a natural pest control operator a place to base its operations.

Differing from many other owl species, Barn Owls are not territorial and are willing to share their hunting space with other owls.  They respond directly to rodent populations by producing the amount of young per brood that the current rodent population can support, sometimes even producing multiple broods.  Because of their amazing hunting skills and their ability to have many young, a Barn Owl family of can consume over 2500 rodents per year!

Barn Owl Box in Laurel Canyon

Barn Owl nest boxes are very economical way, in both time and money, to control rodents when compared to poisons and other abatement methods.  And because Barn Owls are faithful to their nest sites, they establish rodent controlling populations that require very little human interaction.

Our Wild Wings Barn Owl Box is patterned after a proven predator resistant design.  Built by a skilled studio craftsman, we use only ¾” ABX exterior plywood with all joints securely glued and screwed.  A 5° sloped roof allows water runoff and large side hinged door provides access for clean-out and inspection.  These quality boxes will last many years with little care, as opposed to other inferior boxes being sold online. 

Wild Wings offers consultations to see if a Barn Owl Box makes sense in your situation.  If it does, join the growing number of Angelinos who are on the leading edge of erecting a network of Barn Owl Nesting Boxes, thus laying down the foundation for establishing breeding populations in our neighborhoods and parks. Once your box is up, let your neighbors know the Barn Owls are coming and to remove their poison bait traps.  Become part of the solution of ridding Southern California of first and second-generation rodenticides, thus saving the countless lives of apex predators - from raptors to Mountain Lions to domestic dogs and cats.